Herb Huston's Pedigree Chart

By popular request, I have created these two charts as an overview. Each name is a link to the more detailed document on the Family Web. This document will not be displayed in any useful fashion by non-graphical Web browsers.

Paternal Ancestry
Father Grandparents Great grandparents Great-great grandparents
Paul C. Huston
Simeon Atchley Huston
Esther Phillips
Simeon Arthur Huston
Peter Bogen
Matilda Bogen
Wilhelmina Schatzman
Wilber Brotherton Huston
Joseph Hodge Brotherton
Wilber Brotherton
Electa Jane Lawrence
Dorothea Josephine Brotherton
Henry Swickard
Florence Belle Swickard
Sarah Ann Langham

Maternal Ancestry
Mother Grandparents Great grandparents Great-great grandparents
Harry Hobert Beadle
William Arthur Beadle
Mary Augusta Locke
Frederick Williamson Beadle
James Gritman Williamson
Florence Nightingale Williamson
Emma Darling Felton
Dorothy Elizabeth Beadle
John Randolph Alexander
Jonathan Franklin Alexander
Mary Jane Sutton
Eumenes Elizabeth Alexander
James Lafayette Stafford
Cora Eliza Stafford
Cenie Elizabeth McKinley

Herb Huston <herb_huston@yahoo.com>

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